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Howard Berg Life Changing Topics For Your Event...

How To Double Your Productivity Using Proven Brain-Based Learning Strategies

Imagine completing your required reading in hours instead of works
Imagine being able to spice up your existing presentations with new information that makes them irresistible.
Now Imagine, increasing productivity, increasing profits, and having more time to do the things you love.
You Can Have All That
The World’s Fastest Reader will reveal his super-fast learning strategies for zipping through information at blazing fast speed so you can accomplish this and much, much more.
Get ready to be amazed as you quickly and easily learn…
  •  How To Read Faster: Learn the secret behind blazing fast reading speeds, and increase your own speed by 10-20% in a few minutes time.
  • The Five Powerful Items That Guarantee Learning: Discover the five magic items that make learning a snap, and your presentations easily comprehended
  • How To Develop A Laser Sharp Memory: You will instantly memorize and recall a list of 10 objects, and learn how to make your presentations easier to retain and recall.
  • How To Overcome Writer's Block: Discover the secret to instantly switching on your flow to get your writing done on time…all the time.
  • Master the single most important skill necessary for success: Discover the single most important skill necessary for creative success, and how to release it.
This is a hands on program that will change your life.

Maximum Power Reading

The Speed Reading And Accelerated Learning Secrets of the World’s Fastest Reader
 Howard Stephen Berg is on record as the world’s fastest reader. Each day the decisions you make are only as good as the information you base them upon.   Let the world’s fastest reader share his reading and learning strategies with you!   Howard describes a more visual method for reading and guarantees your total satisfaction with how his techniques help your reading needs. Howard will:
  • Increase your reading speed by 100%
  • Show you how to boost your comprehension, retention and recall of even complex information
  • Teach you methods for boosting your emotional intelligence.
  • Share methods for mastering pleasure reading, how to books, studying, and technical reading
  • Empower you with a strategy to anticipating the questions that will be asked on tests and at meetings so you know exactly what to study before you even begin reading.
 Maximum Power Speed Reading has been endorsed by Maurice Thompson Jr., former President and Chairman of Evelyn Wood’s Reading Dynamics, and Berry Fowler, the founder and former owner of Sylvan Learning Systems. Maximum Power Speed Reading has received rave reviews in Selling, Forbe’s FYI, Men’s Health, Bottom Line, Red Book, Maxim, and Bottom Line magazines, and featured on over 1,000 radio and television programs. My Time-Warner book, “Super Reading Secrets”, is in its 28th printing, and Barron’s Books requested me to write an accelerated learning book for students.   Nightingale-Conant has sold nearly $100 million dollars of my, “Mega Speed Reading”, program and there are plans for a new commercial next Fall. My corporate clients include Sears, JCPenney, DaimlerChrysler, Exxon-Mobil, Cisco Systems, and many others.


 How many more expensive mistakes can you afford to continue making because of missed or forgotten information?   How much more successful will you be if you had more information to base your decisions upon, and retained it better?   

Super Writing Secrets

Howard Stephen Berg, The World’s Fastest Reader, will show you how to output text in record time by overcoming writer’s block. How often do your associates find themselves compelled to finish important writing assignments, but unable to sustain a quality flow of text? Put this problem in the past with the Super Writing Secrets Program™ . In just two short hours, Howard will show your audience:
  • How to organize their thoughts so their complex writing assignments can be completed quickly and efficiently.
  • How to sustain writing under the pressure of a deadline so the job gets completed on time.
  • How to juggle multiple writing tasks to achieve peak efficiency .
  • How to keep consistency in their writing style when a project runs over a long time period.
  • How to deal with the mental and environmental distractions that can disrupt the timely completion of their work.
 LET HOWARD teach you how to complete your writing projects on time…all the time

Super Memory Secrets

Learn powerful memory strategies for quickly and easily remembering:
  • Vocabulary
  • Names
  • Dates, numbers, statistics, and formulas
  • Facts
  • Foreign languages
Much, much more

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