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In the projects of Brooklyn in the 1960s, where violence and gang activity ran rampant, a young boy named Howard found himself confronted with a dangerous and uncertain reality. Our neighborhood was controlled by violent street gangs, and the library became my only refuge from the chaos that surrounded me. While other children were engaging in destructive activities, I sought solace among the quiet shelves, discovering the vast knowledge and possibilities that lay within the pages of books.

My obsession with reading soon led me to a remarkable transformation. At a tender age of 11, I had already achieved a college reading level, far surpassing the expectations for someone from my background. Determined to pursue a future filled with scholarly pursuits, I enrolled at SUNY Binghamton at the young age of 17 to major in biology. It was during the second half of my junior year that a true turning point occurred.

Captivated by the mysteries of the human brain and the process of learning, I approached the Dean of the university, expressing my desire to also major in Psychology. The Dean saw my passion but doubted my ability to handle the workload, believing I simply wasn’t “smart enough” to conquer such a challenge. Undeterred, I made it my mission to prove him wrong.

With the odds stacked against me and little time to spare, I developed my own revolutionary learning method. Through sheer dedication and resilience, I managed to complete a four-year program in a single year, studying biology while taking six science courses and two four-hour labs per term. My transformation was nothing short of extraordinary.  I even scored an 800 on the Biology  Graduate Record Exam after studying 48 books in 3 nights.   This placed me in the 99% for Biologists in the world taking the exam.

With my newfound knowledge and reading prowess, I embarked on a journey to share my super learning method with others. My reading speed and comprehension were unparalleled at 80 pages per minute.  I started my own school and students as young as 11 were acing college courses under my guidance. The demand for my expertise soared, leading me to train individuals and corporations around the world, including Fortune 500 companies and even the U.S. Special Forces and Royal Thai Army.

As my reputation grew, so did my impact. With several best-selling books, my teachings reached millions around the globe. Nightingale Conant, a leading publisher in personal development, recognized the value of my program and grossed over $65 million dollars from offering it on audio tapes. My mission to empower people to unleash their full learning potential gained momentum.

Today, I stand as a global instructor in accelerated learning, paving the way for a new generation of learners. Through my efforts, I am creating an online family of learners, a community dedicated to achieving greatness in this information-rich world. I invite each and every one of you to join this family, to embark on a journey of self-improvement and to fulfill your true potential.

The lessons that can be learned from my extraordinary story are profound. Often, the difficulties we face during our younger years become the catalyst for our exceptional growth as we mature. They provide us with the unique opportunity and responsibility to share our knowledge and experiences with others who seek to improve their own lives.

Remember, dear learners, that sometimes the most challenging circumstances can mold us into extraordinary individuals. Embrace the hardships and let them fuel your determination. And always remember that within the pages of books lie the extraordinary power to transform your life.

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Super Math Secrets

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Sai, High School  Student



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S Terry, College Student


“Just a quick note to let you know how much our employees are enjoying the tapes we purchased on your reading program.  This week I received a note from a young lady who was returning a tape on an unrelated subject.  Her comment was, ‘Howard Berg’s Speed Reading is still the best tape I’ve seen.”

Helen Steele, American Airlines


“You have helped us develop a deeper awareness and greater appreciation for the importance of continual learning, developing new mental techniques of comprehension, and increasing the throughput of information.  Your presentation lit the spark of curiosity for our staff, and we are now eager to learn more ways to improve our personal effectiveness in a knowledge-based age.”

Joseph Render, International Research and Development Manager of Young President’s Organization

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